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Kennedy Law accepts new partnership: now Kennedy & Ruhsam Law

Kennedy Law accepts new partnership: now Kennedy & Ruhsam Law Offices, P.A.,

Actions to Take When Closing a Business

FEDERAL TAX-RELATED ACTIONS TO TAKE WHEN CLOSING A BUSINESS At Kennedy & Ruhsam Law Offices, P.A., our experience as business owners, accountants, and tax and business attorneys has helped hundreds of small businesses navigate all aspects of business planning and...

Steps to Take After a Loved One Dies

Death and taxes may be certain, but the details surrounding them often are not. Uncertainty around what happens after someone dies can cause anxiety and challenge familial relationships. However, thoughtful planning and the guidance of knowledgeable professionals can...

You’re the Personal Representative, Now What?

What is a Personal Representative? A Personal Representative, often referred to as an Executor, is a person (or corporate entity) named in a Will that has the authority to handle a Decedent’s probate assets. In Minnesota, the probate laws utilize the official term...

How Business Owners Can Mitigate Risk Amid a Global Pandemic

Starting a business or being a small business owner can be rewarding. But it also invites lots of risk. In unprecedented times it is crucial that business owners understand the importance of following corporate formalities to limit their liability on business deals...

What to Do When Loved Ones Die

Review Decedent’s records or safe deposit box to locate estate planning document, i.e. Will or Trust. If an estate is needed, the Personal Representative named in the Will/Trust will handle the probate administration. Notify Social Security of the death. If you are a...

Tidbits on Transfer on Death Deeds

Tidbits on Transfer on Death Deeds (TODDs) So often, clients want to avoid probate and may think that a Transfer on Death Deed (known as “TODD”) is the best way to go about it. However, every client needs an estate planning attorney to review and discuss with them the...

Formalities of Formal Probates

Dealing with a probate after a loved one dies is not an easy task. A probate is necessary when a Decedent owns real property in his or her own name alone, of any value, or if the value of non-real estate probate property is over $75,000. While the process may be...

Insights to Informal Probates

Insights to Informal Probates When a loved one has died, the grief process begins. One of the many details to be considered during the grief process includes whether an estate administration, or probate, will be needed for the Decedent. A probate is necessary when a...

A Passage into Probate Law

What is Probate Law? The term “probate” has several meanings and may be the reason why so many people are curious or possibly even unduly fearful of what a probate really is or what is involved with a probate. The experienced estate planning and probate attorneys with...

Kennedy and Ruhsam Welcomes Associate

Kennedy & Ruhsam Law is pleased to welcome Associate Attorney, Madeline M. Meyer, to our legal team. Madeline graduated with honors from Drake Law School where she also completed her Master of Business Administration. During law school, Madeline clerked for...