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A resource for all Minnesota estate and probate administrations.

We handle both simple and complex estate planning matters for individuals and families. Our team is well equipped to apply extensive estate planning and estate, gift, and income tax knowledge in helping you take sound legal and financial steps for your future.

MN Estate Planning Attorneys

We handle both simple and complex estate planning matters for individuals and families. Our team is well equipped to apply extensive estate, gift, and income tax knowledge in helping you make sound legal and financial steps for your future.

Whether you have just decided to pursue estate planning or need your existing estate plan thoroughly reviewed, we have the legal skills and practical experience to guide you through the process. From wills to family limited liability companies, we apply current estate planning tools and extensive estate, gift, and income tax law knowledge to arrive at the ideal solutions for you.

MN Estate Administration Options

We know and will patiently explain your legal options – from drafting your will, to ensuring your assets will be properly distributed, to implementation of effective estate tax, gift tax, and income tax planning strategies. We provide a variety of estate planning tools to accomplish your goals, such as:

Health Care Directives
Funeral Directives
Guardianship provisions to protect the future of your children
Trusts, including testamentary trusts, charitable remainder trusts, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, and irrevocable life insurance trusts
Powers of attorney
Guardianship Designations
Standby Custodian/Guardian Designations

Trusted Professional Services of
Estates and Probate in Minnesota

We are adept at spotting potential issues and opportunities to improve your estate plan. Through strong communication and personal service, we strive to produce the most beneficial plan for each individual and family we serve – one that offers peace of mind and confidence.

We take an efficient approach that helps uncover your unique needs and moves us quickly into the process of custom-drafting your documents. You can trust our dedicated team for practical solutions and honest, cost-conscious service. All of our work is performed with an eye towards, and a strong understanding of, state and federal tax codes.

Estate Planning Resources:

Minnesota Estate Tax Exemption

Showcase on Special Administrations

The specialty area of law in probate administration in Minnesota provides both variety and efficiency for each specific probate situation. The process of administering an estate is governed under a uniform probate code in-order-to promote and provide efficient and...

The Framework for Appointing and Removing a Personal Representative

One of the most important and vital decisions made when crafting an estate plan is deciding whom you will nominate to act in the role of Personal Representative. The Personal Representative’s role handles the management, preservation, and distribution of the...

De-Escalating the Trials and Tribulations of Estate and Trust Litigation

The death of a loved one often leads to the expression of emotional strife and resentment among the family structure and surviving heirs. Even with a proper estate plan in place (a protected legacy plan created by the Testator) conflicts appear requiring legal...

Beneficiary Designations

Commonly, it is believed that one’s Last Will and Testament is the primary document providing for allocation of assets when one dies. However, if a beneficiary designation for a retirement plan, IRA, life insurance policy, investment account or similar account does...

Income Taxes Upon Death

Each year, individuals file their annual federal and state income tax returns reporting all the income earned during the year and paying any taxes that may be due. The same income tax reporting holds true upon an individual’s death. Upon death, a final individual...

2021 Federal Retirement Plan Cost of Living Adjustments

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has published its 2021 cost-of-living updates affecting retirement plans. As you prepare for the new year, let us put our IRS expertise to work to help you achieve your 2021 goals. We have convenient locations in Eagan, MN and Cannon...

Steps to Take After a Loved One Dies

Death and taxes may be certain, but the details surrounding them often are not. Uncertainty around what happens after someone dies can cause anxiety and challenge familial relationships. However, thoughtful planning and the guidance of knowledgeable professionals can...

You’re the Personal Representative, Now What?

What is a Personal Representative? A Personal Representative, often referred to as an Executor, is a person (or corporate entity) named in a Will that has the authority to handle a Decedent’s probate assets. In Minnesota, the probate laws utilize the official term...

What to Do When Loved Ones Die

Review Decedent’s records or safe deposit box to locate estate planning document, i.e. Will or Trust. If an estate is needed, the Personal Representative named in the Will/Trust will handle the probate administration. Notify Social Security of the death. If you are a...

Tidbits on Transfer on Death Deeds

Tidbits on Transfer on Death Deeds (TODDs) So often, clients want to avoid probate and may think that a Transfer on Death Deed (known as “TODD”) is the best way to go about it. However, every client needs an estate planning attorney to review and discuss with them the...

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