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A resource for all Minnesota estate and probate administrations.

We handle both simple and complex estate planning matters for individuals and families. Our team is well equipped to apply extensive estate planning and estate, gift, and income tax knowledge in helping you take sound legal and financial steps for your future.

MN Estate Planning Attorneys

We handle both simple and complex estate planning matters for individuals and families. Our team is well equipped to apply extensive estate, gift, and income tax knowledge in helping you make sound legal and financial steps for your future.

Whether you have just decided to pursue estate planning or need your existing estate plan thoroughly reviewed, we have the legal skills and practical experience to guide you through the process. From wills to family limited liability companies, we apply current estate planning tools and extensive estate, gift, and income tax law knowledge to arrive at the ideal solutions for you.

MN Estate Administration Options

We know and will patiently explain your legal options – from drafting your will, to ensuring your assets will be properly distributed, to implementation of effective estate tax, gift tax, and income tax planning strategies. We provide a variety of estate planning tools to accomplish your goals, such as:

Health Care Directives
Funeral Directives
Guardianship provisions to protect the future of your children
Trusts, including testamentary trusts, charitable remainder trusts, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, and irrevocable life insurance trusts
Powers of attorney
Guardianship Designations
Standby Custodian/Guardian Designations

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Estates and Probate in Minnesota

We are adept at spotting potential issues and opportunities to improve your estate plan. Through strong communication and personal service, we strive to produce the most beneficial plan for each individual and family we serve – one that offers peace of mind and confidence.

We take an efficient approach that helps uncover your unique needs and moves us quickly into the process of custom-drafting your documents. You can trust our dedicated team for practical solutions and honest, cost-conscious service. All of our work is performed with an eye towards, and a strong understanding of, state and federal tax codes.

Estate Planning Resources:

Minnesota Estate Tax Exemption

Insights to Informal Probates

Insights to Informal Probates When a loved one has died, the grief process begins. One of the many details to be considered during the grief process includes whether an estate administration, or probate, will be needed for the Decedent. A probate is necessary when a...

A Passage into Probate Law

What is Probate Law? The term “probate” has several meanings and may be the reason why so many people are curious or possibly even unduly fearful of what a probate really is or what is involved with a probate. The experienced estate planning and probate attorneys with...

Updates To Minnesota Guardianship And Conservatorship Statutes

UPDATES TO MINNESOTA GUARDIANSHIP AND CONSERVATORSHIP STATUTES By: Dustin J. McIntee, Associate Attorney On May 16, 2020, Governor Tim Walz signed Chapter 86, S.F. 3357, which amended the Minnesota guardianship and conservatorship statutes (and other statutes) and...

Dealing with Death – The “D” Factor

The “D” Factor- Dealing with Death It is almost the end of the workday and your phone rings. You see that it’s a client, so you answer. He has called already the office three times this week. This time he is wondering what to do with his deceased mother’s jewelry. He...

Perspectives of Transfer on Death Deeds (TODDs)

Perspectives of Transfer on Death Deeds (TODDs) You have considered adding a Transfer on Death Deed (known as “TODD”) into your estate plan. What other consideration must be made to fully understand the purpose and utilization of this transfer vehicle? We will cover...

Exploring TODD – Transfer on Death Deeds

Exploring the Estate Planning Vehicle - Transfer on Death Deeds (TODD) Transfer on Death Deed The Transfer on Death Deed (known as “TODD”) became available in 2008 to be used as an estate planning tool for those individuals owning Minnesota real property and are...

Why are Trusts Beneficial in Estate Planning? – Kennedy Law of Eagan, MN

Why Trusts are Beneficial in Estate Planning Why is Estate planning so important anyway?   Trusts and Titling Living Trusts are valuable tools in estate plans, and it is key to transfer the title of assets into the trust to ensure the benefits of the trust are...

Selecting a Trustee or Personal Representative in MN – Kennedy Law Offices of Eagan MN

How to Properly Select a Trustee or Personal Representative Choosing a Personal Representative or Trustee With all the decisions you need to make when putting together an estate plan, choosing a personal representative or a trustee is one vital piece of the planning...

What is a Small Estate?

A small estate exists when there are probate assets that do not exceed $75,000. Whether or not something is a probate asset can be difficult to answer and it is advised that a probate attorney make the determination to ensure the assets are handled correctly. Once the...

What does an Estate Plan allow you to do?

A carefully crafted estate plan allows you to decide you will receive your assets at your passing. It is important to consult with an estate planning attorney to ensure the documents are properly executed. A common misconception is that if someone has a will, their...

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