Fiduciary Services

Probate Court with probate granted on a Last Will & Testament. The first step in the legal process of administering and transferring ownership of the estate of a deceased person’s wealth, including savings, antiques, property and cars, as designated in the deceased’s will. A Probate Court decides the legal validity of the testator’s will and grants approval thereof to the executors to legally distribute the estate according to the will.

Kennedy Law offers a full range of fiduciary services to meet our clients’ needs. Whether it’s providing assistance to current fiduciaries in fulfilling their duties and requirements with the courts, or our office serving in a fiduciary capacity, we have the legal skills and experience to guide our clients through the process.

The death of a loved one or close friend is a traumatic experience. In addition to the emotional anguish, those who are charged with dealing with the decedent’s personal and financial affairs following the death are often left with many more questions than answers regarding their duties and responsibilities. We recognize that gathering and inventorying the decedent’s assets, settling business affairs, paying off debts, filing the requisite tax returns, and distributing the assets to the appropriate heirs can be complicated and time consuming. We can assist you with gathering and communicating the necessary information to all involved parties and the courts in a timely manner.

In addition, there are situations where a disinterested third-party is the appropriate person to serve as the fiduciary in order to avoid family infighting over inheritances or the decedent’s belongings. Kennedy Law provides the legal skills and experience to our clients who wish to have our office serve as their fiduciary.