Real Estate Closing Specialists of MN

Real estate closings are a big event! From beginning to end we will be there with you to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Kennedy & Ruhsam Law Offices of Minnesota takes the time to explain the numerous loan and closing documents, facilitates the collection and distribution of all funds, and generally ensures the closing is completed successfully. Once the closing process is complete, we will process the loan funding, verify the title, and record the deed, mortgage, and any other required documentation.

From start to finish, Kennedy & Ruhsam Law will be in your corner as your advocate and ally to make the process as efficient as possible.

Real Estate Title Examination

Kennedy & Ruhsam Law will help you check the title to the property with a careful review of the title to ensure there are no title defects or issues. If there are any issues discovered, we will work with all parties to resolve them. In some cases, title defects are extremely difficult to resolve. Expert counsel helps to clarify the process, understanding all options and timelines for resolution.

Licensed Real Estate Closer

Kennedy & Ruhsam Law Offices of MN will also help to coordinate and represent you for action items related to your real estate closing.  Examples include:

  • Payoff and discharge of mortgages
  • Payment of realtor commissions
  • Funding of mortgage escrow account
  • Disclosure and payment of lender fees and closing costs
  • Payment and allocation of real estate taxes and utilities
  • Payment of pre-paid interest
  • Payment of transfer taxes and recording fees
  • Distribution of sale proceeds

Minnesota Real Estate Closings and Contracts

Buying a home or property is typically the largest and most significant investment most of us will ever make. Real estate transactions are unique, raising special issues of law typically not present in other legal transactions.

A Licensed Real Estate Closer who regularly handles real estate closings is trained to deal with these issues, and is well versed in the process. Kennedy & Ruhsam Law can help you with your real estate closing, and our firm can provide you with expert closing counsel and assistance.

As your real estate closing agent, we will work to get your property title examined, and resolve any issues before the closing. We will take our time to review and explain all the documents that you will be signing at the closing, making sure that they are accurate and that the real estate documents align with your wants and needs.

Help with Minnesota Real Estate Closing

Real estate closings are a complex process. We will help you through it all, including critical steps such as:

  • Examining title records
  • Reviewing all of the documents to ensure accuracy
  • Verifying that the seller has the right to sell the property
  • Explaining the terms of the contracts and loans
  • Resolving any issues prior to the close

We Come to You

We want to make the closing process easy for you – we can travel to the location that best suits your needs, whether your home, your office, a bank, or a local coffee shop. We will accommodate whatever works best for you.


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