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Do I Need a Will?

The short answer to “Do you need a Will” is yes. The better question is whether you need an estate plan. An estate plan is a comprehensive written plan that outlines your wishes and requests regarding your property once you pass away. An estate plan is your legacy in...

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Showcase on Special Administrations

The specialty area of law in probate administration in Minnesota provides both variety and efficiency for each specific probate situation. The process of administering an estate is governed under a uniform probate code in-order-to promote and provide efficient and...

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Kennedy and Ruhsam Welcomes Attorney

Kennedy and Ruhsam Law is honored to welcome the collaboration and esteemed legal experience and talent brought by Attorney Martha Sullivan who joined our team in 2021.The firm is growing and changing every day and is thrilled to have Martha on board to share her...

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Kennedy and Ruhsam Welcomes Legal Assistant

Kennedy & Ruhsam is pleased to welcome Legal Assistant Julie Cooper to our team. Upon securing her paralegal degree from Inver Hills Community College, Julie has special reason to be proud of maintaining a 4.0 GPA. As a single mom, working full time throughout her...

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Kennedy and Ruhsam Welcomes Paralegal

Kennedy & Ruhsam Law would like to welcome our newest paralegal, Mary Willink, to the firm. Mary joined the firm with an impressive background in civil litigation and transaction law. Her commitment to professional writing and communication is evidenced by her...

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The Entrusted Role of a Professional Fiduciary

In life, there are certain situations when you lean on a friend whom you trust to help you. The characteristics of that trusted friend may be similar and often closely pairs to the role of a fiduciary agent. In fact, the legal definition of a fiduciary is as follows:...

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