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The Entrusted Role of a Professional Fiduciary

In life, there are certain situations when you lean on a friend whom you trust to help you. The characteristics of that trusted friend may be similar and often closely pairs to the role of a fiduciary agent. In fact, the legal definition of a fiduciary is as follows:...

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Beneficiary Designations

Commonly, it is believed that one’s Last Will and Testament is the primary document providing for allocation of assets when one dies. However, if a beneficiary designation for a retirement plan, IRA, life insurance policy, investment account or similar account does...

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Considerations in Structuring the Sale of a Small Business

Interested in selling your business? It is important to consider the appropriate structure for the sale of your business for both tax and liability purposes. Generally, there are two methods of selling a business: by selling the business assets (an “Asset Purchase”)...

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Income Taxes Upon Death

Each year, individuals file their annual federal and state income tax returns reporting all the income earned during the year and paying any taxes that may be due. The same income tax reporting holds true upon an individual’s death. Upon death, a final individual...

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2021 Federal Retirement Plan Cost of Living Adjustments

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has published its 2021 cost-of-living updates affecting retirement plans. As you prepare for the new year, let us put our IRS expertise to work to help you achieve your 2021 goals. We have convenient locations in Eagan, MN and Cannon...

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Congratulations to Tina M. Johnson RP®!

Kennedy & Ruhsam Law would like to congratulate paralegal Tina M. Johnson RP® on receiving the Barbara H. Peppersack Lifetime Service Award. This award recognizes paralegals for their service who have been a member of the Minnesota Paralegal Association for at...

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Actions to Take When Closing a Business

FEDERAL TAX-RELATED ACTIONS TO TAKE WHEN CLOSING A BUSINESS At Kennedy & Ruhsam Law Offices, P.A., our experience as business owners, accountants, and tax and business attorneys has helped hundreds of small businesses navigate all aspects of business planning and...

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