Probate Administration

Minnesota probate

Local and Experienced Probate Attorneys

Our knowledge of, and experience in, estate planning, Minnesota probate law, and fiduciary service representation contribute to our strengths in handling all of your Minnesota estate needs.

The Minnesota probate process can be daunting and time-consuming without the guidance of an experienced Minnesota probate attorney.  We put an immediate focus on your concerns and priorities, clearly explain the legal steps, and exercise diligence in protecting your rights. Our experience  with the Minnesota probate process will help put your mind at ease, making the process clearer and easier.

Your Resource for Estate Administration and Representation in Disputes

We can explain and efficiently handle all aspects of administering an estate, paying debts and distributing assets in compliance with Minnesota’s probate laws.  Emphasizing conscientious, personal service, our legal team is dedicated to protecting and pursuing your interests, such as:

  • Assisting or Acting as an executor or administrator of a family member’s estate
  • Representing a Probate Estate
  • Representing a fiduciary such as a Trustee or Personal Representative
  • Representing an heir to a will or estate who needs to ensure a fair distribution of assets
  • Representing anyone with a valid reason to contest or defend the validity of a will or other estate documents

Trusted Counsel For Complex Issues

We understand all types of wills, trusts, and other estate planning tools. Our Minnesota probate experience extends across both taxable and non-taxable estates, and includes dealing with business succession, major asset sales, troublesome heirs, and other complex issues.

If you have responsibilities or interests related to an estate that must go through probate, we encourage you to contact us for a productive consultation on your legal needs and options.

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